Stepping Out In Faith

Welcome to Regina Gospel - your home for contemporary African praise and worship music. My name is Regina - I am a mother, grandmother, volunteer, song writer, and now a music artist. I'm passionate about my faith in God & members of my family, and supporting my church family.

My Journey

Faith and Action

I was married to the love of my life, Ishmael, for more than 50 years. Sadly, in 2020, he passed away. Since then I have contended with this profound loss by turning to projects that allow me to honor my late husband, (re)discover past hobbies and personal pursuits, and embark on new adventures. 


Soon after losing Ishmael, over the course of two weeks, I was divinely inspired and led to write down six ear-catching, soulful melodies. These melodies and lyrics, inspired thoughts of comfort, joy and gratitude for God's unending support and steadfastness... and a DREAM!


My family and I reached out to Tobe Onuoha, at TLO Productions for inspiration, expertise and guidance. We wanted to work with him and his wife, Leah, because of the God-first focus of their business and their expertise in working with Christian creatives. After a year of hard work and lots of fun, plus Tobe's excellent guidance and musicianship, the melodies and the lyrics I wrote down early in 2022 have come together to produce My Refuge - my first ever EP recording!

I hope the comfort and inspiration these songs have given me can also be a source of encouragement, healing and hope to the world. For all who have or are facing challenging times, know that with God all things are possible regardless of your circumstances! He is indeed your refuge - a very present and constant hope in all seasons of your life!


My Refuge


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Contemporary African praise and worship album - Nigerian Gospel sound.

Copyright 2023. Management: Akobundu Music. All songs written by: Regina Akobundu. Music by: Tobechi Unuoha. Music produced, mixed and mastered at TLO Productions, Brandywine, MD.

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Song Inspirations

Open to Inspiration

From Ideas to Action

Each song was inspired by a unique set of circumstances - a season of prayer, gratitude for a fun afternoon spent with my grandkids, fragments of a song in my mind, a Sunday sermon, a Bible verse (Hebrews 4:12), and miraculous healing. In each case, I was inspired to write down the lyrics and/or the melody that came to me which ultimately formed the basis for the song when completed.

"Thanks go to, first and foremost, God in Heaven, for His grace, support, good health and inspiration."” - Regina Akobundu



We'd love to hear from you

How has God been your refuge and strength - your very present help in troubling times? Share your testimony with us below!

With Gratitude